Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Adam Curry waxes lyrical at Gnomedex. (In a good way)

If you are into podcasting, or maybe even not I suggest you give a listen to "The Daily Source Code" episode 198 and 200 recorded at Gnomedex 5.0

#198 goes into great detail about the journey Adam took to reach the point where he is today. Great stuff.

#200 was a live podcast that he did in conjunction with delivering the final keynote of the conference, and it is inspiring and funny at the same time. If this doen't get you all fired up to start contributing , nothing will!

Out of #200 I have gained these 3 things:

1) iTunes 4.9 is damn close.
2) CastBlaster is available for public beta. I got it.
3) I gotta move my arse, and come up with some great content for my own show.

Anyway give it a listen. Here is the RSS feed. Pop it in your PodCatcher.

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Curry quote on Dave Winers first attepts: "It's so fucked up that it's great!".


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