Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Have Apple dropped the Podcast ball?

Ok, firstly I believe there really is no denying the fact that this new iTunes is changing the face of podcasts. Reports of huge bandwith bills are already flooding in from podcasters the world over. Dawn & Drew's server was down etc, etc.

Now my gripes:

1) Why did Apple not consult with the rest of the world before going ahead and appending to RSS 2.0. According to Dave Winer, they have gone and added a lot of duplication. Why? Also why would they use a trademark in the tags? like for example. I mean now guys like Microsoft need to add support for a proprietary tag in there own implementation of RSS.

2) Whats up with the havoc in the music store? I find it frustratingly difficult to navigate through all the muck on that homepage. Also , they barely feature the "Traditional" shows and it seems like they want them to play second fiddle to commercial ventures? Why?

3) The searches in the store are pathetic it only searches on show description and title. A search for Madge Weinstein returns "0" results.

4) The synching is terrible, apparently it makes some very dumb assumptions wrt to what stays on your iPod and the playlisting is non existent.

5) You can't import/export an OMPL list?

One cool thing is that people have been managing to get videos playing. link

C'mon apple, lets try harder.

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