Monday, June 13, 2005

RedNova News - Technology - Podcasting Lures Wary Music Biz

RedNova News - Technology - Podcasting Lures Wary Music Biz: "'It's the Wild West right now, and it's incumbent on anyone involved to look at this now to address the business model and the social implication and come up with some rules,' EMI Music senior VP of digital development and distribution Ted Cohen says" ...

Oooh that gets my blood boiling, I don't know what the general consensus is, but why oh why is the industry stance always one of "look theres a new technology , lets govern and control it".

Surely the spirit of Podcasting is that it is something thats free and open for the "normal" guy on the street to access and have a voice.

If you ask me there is way to much interest in the so called "professional" bracket. After all , if you wanna listen to a mainstream radio show , do so on standard radio. If a so called pro wants to have a podcast , please do but realise that the only reason people will tune in to your show is because they can access it whenever , wherever. Don't try and rip the off by making them buy into some rediculous subscription model.

My advice to the "amateur" podcasters outthere .. stay clear of playing commercial music. Keep it on podsafe tracks , or they will control you!


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