Thursday, July 07, 2005

In the news: Podcasting over-hyped?

Leader: Podcasting over-hyped - Comment & Analysis - Breaking Business and Technology News at "So the future is podshaped, then? Possibly - after all it's hard to argue with the enthusiasm of bedroom DJs who can now parade their fine work to the broadest audience."

Some people just don't get it. Sure, Internet radio has been around for years, but personally I never went for it. Why? 'Cause I could never take it with me on my commute or sit and listen to it in the evenings away from the PC and even in bed while relaxing.

Also I don't think people "get" the energy that you can derive from listening to the ramblings (often incoherent) of Dawn & Drew on their show. You just can't get that from a studio produced show , and the unedited "one-take" recording of Geek News Central or The Daily Source Code, really makes you connect with the broadcaster 'cause it feels like you are right there in the studio.



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