Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Read on Engadget ...

These 2 items via engadget today that caught my attention,

1) 1GB CF Round up
Ok .. so you wanna buy a highspeed 1gb CF card, but which one to get? The answer .. its doesn't really matter! Read this review and discover that unless you have a very top-end DSLR it wouldn't really matter much. Mid-range cameras like the Canon S500 really didn't show a difference. Of course if you are into bragging rights you would want the king of the test .. the Sandisk Extreme 1Gb .. which I happen to own :).

2) Archos Gmini 500 released
So Archos has released yet another repackaged Gmini .. I gotta tell you I don't know why they insist on doing that. You know I own the Av400 and its a great damn device, the only problem is that it lacks hard drive capacity. I honestly believe that while its good to have a small mp3 player, when it comes to video devices a large screen is a must and PVR (pocket video recording) is super important. The perfect device would be one that retains the AV400 form factor, BUT with a much larger screen. The AV700 misses the mark cause it seems TOO big. Really is there a market for a Gmini device? Also .. where is the Xvid capibility? And I would kill for some good management software, I don't like synching my device like an Ipod , cause I use it as a portable drive as well.


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