Wednesday, February 15, 2006

We are moving!


I have moved the blog , so scoot on over to , its now called "Geekspin".

Update your feedburner feed to point to



At 11:00 AM, Blogger stereomovers said...

Hello Conrad!

This is the only way we found to reach you... sorry for using the blog comment!

We Just wanted to let you know that we just put up two songs from our debut EP in the podsafe music network.
Basicly the two songs that we are getting the most buzz on itunes!
Ozean and Waiting.

To make it short and sweet, our music is a mix of underground electronica and modern pop rock.
You can hear the full EP on the myspace.

We'd love to get some sort of musical feedback from you if you find the time.

Cheers from Montreal,

Udo Blenkhorn


Tel: 514.813.7447
Fax: 514.985.2229


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